A group of Rotary Santa Maria South club members donned their red, white and blue on Friday, November 11, and stopped by Country Oaks and Merrill Gardens to sing a few rousing patriotic numbers and old favorites to residents and veterans in honor of Veterans' Day. Individual flags were given all veterans. Guitar accompaniment and a vocal solo were provided by Ken Parker, with Diane Parker, Paul Moe, Sue Lampton, Fran Hutchinson, Jane Kokkinakis, Georgia Shore, Julie Lewis and Victoria Conner leading the residents in both traditional classics and popular tunes. The "Rotary Singers South" were even asked to return for the holidays or another occasion! Thanks to all Rotarians who participated in brightening the day for some of our local senior veterans and their friends and neighbors, especially Ken for his guitar skills and to Jane for organizing our visits! The Veterans Day "caroling" was a project addressing our Community Services support for seniors.