Official charter celebration of the Interact Club of Orcutt Academy will take place January 30th. The new club is being sponsored into Rotary by Rotary Santa Maria South. Speakers at the charter celebration include Rotary District 5240 Goveror Wade Nomura, and District Interact Chair John Weiss, as well as Rotary Santa Maria South club president Victoria Conner and President-Elect Jane Kokkinakis, who serves as the club's Interact liaison for 2011-2012. Orcutt Academy principal Russ Lyons and instructor Phil Norris, Interact Advisor, will also be presenting. Interact students will not only receive their membership pins and congratulations from Rotarians, but they are hosting a small silent auction to earn funds for their first club bank account. Interact officers Jacky Sharp, President; Haylee Thomas, Vice President; Yanelly Rodriguez, Secretary; Itzel Barrera, Treasurer; and the club's four directors - Enzo Stagnaro (Club Service), Jordan Bashlne (Finance), Judith Sanchez (Community Services) and Maddy Cross (International Understanding) will be installed and will practice leadership and public speaking skills by introducing the evening's speakers.

Interact students from Nipomo and St. Joseph's High Schools are also partcipating in the program.